With the Right IT Services Your Business Can Achieve More

Posted: February 25, 2022

We talk a lot about the individual ways that managed IT services can help your organization save time and money, but today we thought we’d take a look at some of the baseline numbers associated with partnering with a capable managed IT service provider.

You Gain Productivity

When people tell you something pays for itself, what they mean is that you will likely recoup the expenses over a period of time that will effectively pay for a service you use. How is this possible, you ask? Well, by increasing uptime, your staff can be more productive and that additional productivity turns into additional revenue. The more money you take in, the better position you will be to invest your profits into your business, effectively improving operational productivity further. With everything a managed service provider (MSP) does to keep your technology running as intended, the additional productivity will pay for itself pretty quickly. That rapid ROI is something that every person holding the purse strings in an organization is looking for out of every investment. 

Do More with Technology

Having the right IT services provider will bring with it access to the immense amount of knowledge and experience that certified technicians bring, without the massive price tag that typically comes along with hiring someone with that level of expertise. With managed It services, you get expert technical minds that know how to both maximize the value of your IT investments and have a dedicated plan to make that IT work best for your staff. 

Shrink Your Initial Technology Investments

One of the top benefits of managed IT services is the way that it can keep your infrastructure costs down. Not only do the IT experts help you structure your onsite IT investments in the most consolidated manner possible, they can help you shrink your capital expenses by suggesting tools that are easier to budget, such as cloud-based infrastructure and software. By arranging your IT in a way that is more budget-friendly, you can do more to improve your business with the capital you have on hand.

Comprehensive Security

Nowadays, the threat landscape can be pretty arduous. With expert technicians looking after your organization’s IT and infrastructure, you gain the benefit of enhanced IT security. Any MSP worth its salt will feature around-the-clock monitoring as well as the integration of security tools and policies that will do wonders for your IT security. From the 24/7, 365 help desk to the training resources, data backup and disaster recovery, and of course the integration of aforementioned tools, your network and infrastructure will be more secure than ever.

Reliably Consistent Pricing

One often overlooked benefit of managed IT services is the ability to know what your IT support costs are going to look like from one month to the next. By having a budgetable figure added into your operational expenses, you can easily plan for new technology investments, projects you normally wouldn’t have taken on, or simply investing more into your operations.

Easy Scaling 

In the same vein as reliable pricing, if your business needs to add or subtract IT resources, the managed IT service provider can help you scale up and back quickly; and when we say quickly, we mean it. All it takes is having a conversation with your consultant and you can get the additional technology you need to achieve your goals, or lose some if you’ve completed a project and are looking to scale back. 

Now that we went through a lot of the benefits that make managed IT services perfect for the modern small and mid-sized business, let’s look at the percentage you can save with managed IT. For smaller businesses that don’t have the benefit of hiring a dedicated IT administrator, a business can save up to 30 percent. That takes into account downtime, costs to get technology fixed when it malfunctions, and overall productivity. For medium-sized businesses that may already have an IT resource in place, a co-managed service can save you nearly 20 percent, while also freeing up your onsite IT administrator to work on projects designed to make your business even more efficient and productive. In fact, according to a poll conducted by the Computing Technology Industry Association, partnering with an MSP is almost certain to save your organization money on its technology expenses. 96 percent of businesses that use an MSP today pay less for and get more out of their technology than they did previously. 

If your business is having trouble growing because of inconsistent IT expenses or from dealing with crippling system downtime, it’s time that you called the IT professionals at Digital Sky Solutions. We can complete an assessment and get you the support and tools you need to increase revenue and be more productive. Give us a call at (250) 483-5623 today to learn more. 

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