What is the Digital Employee Experience?

Posted: August 19, 2022

It’s incredibly important that your business understands where it’s allocating its time, money, and resources, especially with technology-related challenges. Today we want to discuss what is called the digital employee experience, or DEX, and how understanding your employees’ relationships with technology can shape the way they approach the workday.

Defining DEX

The digital employee experience, or DEX, examines how effectively your employees use the tools you provide them for work, including how they interact with these tools. DEX takes a close look at tracking, assessing, and improving the user experience from an employee’s perspective. It’s not hard to imagine how keeping DEX in mind can make or break any technology implementation.

Why Does DEX Matter?

Employees are generally more effective at their jobs and more engaged in their work when they feel like they have at least some control over how they get their work done. When employees understand how to navigate their various tools and interfaces, you can expect them to put out better results. Employees who feel like their experiences don’t matter are far more likely to burn themselves out and perhaps even leave your organization to find a place that does value their input and experience.

The pandemic has further exacerbated this problem, as there is more technology involved in remote and hybrid work than in the past. These workers want to feel just as valued and connected as their in-house coworkers do, and without an on-site presence, this can be challenging, particularly from a DEX perspective. If you examine the digital user experience, you might find ways to keep your employees engaged in their work and satisfied with their circumstances.

We know that it’s certainly no fun to admit that technology you implemented years ago is no longer effective, but it’s important to acknowledge it and do something about it. You can’t be expected to have immaculate technology solutions at any given time, and maintaining up-to-date technology for five, ten, or even twenty years can be a challenge for even the most seasoned business owner. You need to be willing to see change as an opportunity for improvement, and once you embrace this mindset, you can get over the hump and make your office a more enjoyable place to work for all.

Managed IT Services and Training Can Improve DEX

If you want to make sure that your team is adequately using the tools you provide for them, you’ll want to make sure they have the training to do so. IT Managed services can go a long way toward this goal. If you can provide great solutions and provide adequate training, your employees will be thankful. Digital Sky Solutions can offer services and solutions that benefit the employee experience, all while training your team to best use them.

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