Vendor Management: Another Benefit of Managed IT Services

Posted: September 12, 2023

The average IT infrastructure is made up of dozens of technology solutions that all work in tandem to ensure your business’ success…at least, that’s how it’s supposed to work. If you don't outsource your IT to a Managed Service Provider (MSP), you’ll need to contact your technology vendors to either procure new solutions or get your existing ones to work with theirs. How do vendor relations figure into your company’s prolonged success?

The truth is that businesses that don’t know how to approach vendors for specific issues or to build a mutually beneficial agreement are holding themselves back. To get the most out of your IT, having good relationships with your vendors—or working with someone who does—is highly desirable. Vendor management services can help your organization achieve this feat.

Vendor Management Explained

Vendor management is when you have an external party, like an MSP contact your vendors for assistance with whatever you happen to need, from renewing services or products to acquiring all new ones. MSPs contact your vendors on your behalf to address any issues you might encounter. Essentially, they are a single point of contact for all of your vendor needs, which is much easier and more efficient than digging out your contacts to determine who you need to call.

How Vendor Management Benefits Businesses

Vendor management is extremely helpful for businesses for multiple reasons. Here are three of the benefits you can expect from vendor management services.

  • A single point of contact: Your MSP is a single point of contact. Offloading this responsibility will speed up service tickets and keep your employees productive. 
  • No more frustrating product support: Working with vendors can be frustrating at best, and communication with vendors can drag if you’re not working with a service provider. Thanks to your service provider, however, you will just have to work with us. We’ll deal with the hours and hours of product support so you can focus on running your business!
  • Keep up with pricing and services rendered: Vendors are known to change their prices and service offerings (just look to cloud services for a couple of great examples). MSPs have greater purchasing power and can provide better pricing for your hardware needs. 

With an MSP, you will only have on vendor to contact. To learn more reach out to us.

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