Three Cool New Technologies that Businesses Will Have to Consider

Posted: November 23, 2022

For every technology that we use daily, there was once a time when it was brand-spanking-new. Think about when the Internet first became commonplace. People had questions that were seemingly endless, and even computers and electricity were once novel concepts. Let’s think about some more modern inventions that might someday be just as commonplace as some of the tools we use in our daily lives.

Web 3.0, or Blockchain Web

With the way that the web is currently structured, Big Tech has centralized control of data and content. Web 3.0 might be a catalyst for change, effectively decentralizing the Internet through the use of blockchain and smart contracts.

In essence, this approach would increase data security and privacy, as well as scalability as a whole. In fact, many companies are using ideas and features from Web 3.0 in their Web 2.0 platforms. There are some criticisms of Web 3.0, namely harmful content, loss of privacy, and wealth centralization, and they will need to be addressed before this can become the standard for infrastructure design.

Edge AI

Understanding Edge AI requires a basic understanding of edge computing and artificial intelligence. Edge computing is a concept that stores and computes data as close to the point of request as possible in an effort to preserve bandwidth and eliminate latency. AI involves the use of machines that can act independently to complete processes that would normally require human interaction. Edge AI combines the two to give businesses significant improvements to their network stability, minimizing latency and costs in the process.

Wearable Technology Integration

Wearable technology is often used to help people monitor their health and track various metrics, but it can be used for so much more than that. Employees can use it to receive reminders of deadlines and meetings, or they can use it to make data and information access easier than ever. Wearables simply make life easier for people, and it should come as no surprise that they will continue to do so in the near future.

What kind of technology does your business utilize on a day-to-day basis that you never thought would be possible years ago? Be sure to let us know in the comments, and leave your predictions for the future there too while you’re at it.

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