The Pandemic Has Shown Businesses an Opportunity to Downsize their Offices

Posted: September 9, 2022

As businesses have witnessed how both in-person operations and remote work practices can offer unique value to their processes and procedures, hybrid work has become a more popular approach. This has in turn led to many businesses reconsidering how their business’ space is utilized…and even how much they need.

Let’s explore how many businesses are reshaping themselves in a very literal sense in response to these changes.

Businesses are Using Less Space After COVID

Back in July, Robin Powered (a workplace management software development firm) conducted a survey of 247 individuals who controlled their office space and used their responses to create the 2022 Office Space Report. This report contained some telling statistics, including:

  • 11% of surveyed businesses were using all their available space
  • 46% were using at most half
  • 48% of respondents were using less than before the pandemic
  • 60% of those using at most half of their available space had begun downsizing before the pandemic factored in
  • 46% of respondents plan to further reduce their office space in 2023, 59% planning to at least halve their space

If Businesses Aren’t Cutting Down Their Space, They’re Using It Differently

Those businesses that aren’t reducing their space are instead electing to use it differently. IDC’s Future of Work research director Amy Loomis says that many companies are repurposing their available space to boost its flexibility. Goodbye cubicles, hello multipurpose rooms, and hello collaborative technologies that connect on-premise workers with those working remotely.

A survey that IDC conducted in April showed that businesses around the globe are changing their approach to the workplace. Instead of being seen as a place to do productive work, the office is increasingly being seen as a collaborative space for cooperation and training.

Hybrid Operations are Easier with Today’s Technology

All of this has only been made possible through the advancements in business IT, particularly in terms of the mobility that modern devices have and the collaborative tools that these devices support.

We can help you turn your office into a hybrid-supportive hive of productivity.

There are various services, solutions, and softwares that we can help you implement in order to leverage hybrid operations to their fullest potential. Give us a call at (250) 483-5623 today.

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