Mobile Device Management

Posted: September 19, 2023

The Tactical Push Toward BYOD

Your employees all carry around, and depend on, many types of devices. Smartphones, tablets, laptops, you name it, they have it. In order to capitalize on this shift in mobile computing, your company needs to put in place a Bring your Own Device (BYOD) policy that protects both your company and your staff. At Digital Sky Solutions, we have the answer for this necessary integration: our mobile device management (MDM) solution.

In the past, many larger companies have provided their staff with company-owned and managed mobile devices in an attempt to boost productivity. While this plan is more viable than ever for small business, it doesn't make a whole lot of sense when you consider that each of these employees already have devices that they have on them all the time anyway. Our solution allows you to place a layer of security between your company's network and your staff's device and configure permissions accordingly.

Clearly larger companies see the benefits of using mobile technology, but how can small and mid-sized businesses compete with organizations that can offer these up as a part of their IT budget? By allowing your staff to access your network with their device, your company is able to successfully do what these larger companies are doing, at a fraction of the cost.

You'll do about anything to keep your network safe from outside intruders, but what about the threats that are present from inside your network? When you have a properly managed mobile device management platform you have a way to keep the potential threats to your company's data and infrastructure from becoming a problem. This system is effective by compartmentalizing the information on an employee's device so that the security measures that are put in place between those files and the users, other files can sort out potential threats.

Support for Any Mobile Computing Platform

To facilitate the needs of your BYOD policy, Digital Sky Solutions provides custom mobile device management solutions. Don't have a policy? We can help with that too! We have a central interface that allows administrators to manage devices and data; the core elements of a thorough MDM strategy.

Here's how we can help:

  • Mobile Asset Inventory
  • Mobile Device Provisioning
  • Mobile Software Distribution
  • Mobile Data Protection
  • Help Desk Support

For more information about our MDM solution, or any of our comprehensive managed IT services, please reach out to us or call us at: (250) 483-5623.

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