How a Business With an Internal Team Still Benefits from Our Services

Posted: December 7, 2021

Let me ask you a question: how up-to-date are the employees in your IT department, in terms of their skills and certifications? This question can often be overlooked by business leadership, but it is a crucial one that needs to be asked… and just as importantly, answered.

First and foremost, we aren’t saying your team isn’t talented. We’re not here to put anybody down. The role of an IT department in a growing business requires a strong attention to detail and a wide range of skills. That said, if your team has been busy perfecting the skills that are involved for the day-to-day operation of your organization’s IT, they might not be honing in other skills for future projects. As such, it may be time to supplement your in-house IT department.

Internal IT Teams Can Often Fall into a Rut

Let’s face facts for a moment… more often than not, your internal team is going to find themselves dealing with one issue or another out of a collection of “the usual suspects.” Someone may have forgotten a password, or someone might need confirmation or assistance with installing something. Your specific infrastructure may be prone to a certain malfunction that your IT team could resolve in their sleep at this point.

So, while a team in this situation is certainly going to improve their skills, these improvements are going to be limited to the skills called upon by the immediate needs of your business. Through little fault of their own, an IT team stuck in this situation is going to be of little help if a new issue comes around or an innovative new process needs to be implemented. The reality is businesses can benefit from outside IT consultation.

Even if a business does incentivize its IT team to get more certifications or receive more training, the team might not opt into the certifications or training that would most effectively drive business forward. It also must be considered that doing so is to actively make your team members better candidates for other employment opportunities they may choose to pursue, complicating your decision of whether or not actively training your internal team is worth it to you.

This Isn’t a Problem We Have

This problem was made clear to us after discussing this phenomenon with some of our industry colleagues and others in the information technology space. For Digital Sky Solutions, this isn’t an issue we run into with our professional technicians and engineers.

It all comes down to our business model. After all, we (and as a result, our IT team members) work with a ton of different businesses, in various industries, all at once.

This means we’re dealing with tons of different requirements and needs all the time, meaning that our team members need to know a lot of different skills and will get a lot of practice using them.

We Aren’t Afraid to Share

Of course, there’s only so far that this will take a business. That’s why we always do our best to not only assist a business’ IT department with their immediate needs, we give them the tools and knowledge that they’ll need to support what we’ve implemented. We’ll serve as a sort of coach for your internal IT team, working with them to ensure that they are fully prepared to deal with your technology needs. We actually find that some of our best clients are those with their own internal IT teams, as we form functional relationships with them so we can more effectively work together.

It’s just one of the many reasons that IT departments like us so much, our knowledge benefits your team.

A lot of vendors out there will come in, implement a new technology, and walk away without teaching the existing team how to manage it, support it, and troubleshoot issues. We take great pride in hearing that we helped an organization uplift their current IT department to make use of new technologies.

If you’re interested in elevating your IT team’s capabilities (not to mention those of your business as a whole) give us a call at (250) 483-5623 today.

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