Finding the Right IT is Finding Its Purpose

Posted: April 8, 2022

When you implement a new technology solution, you usually do so with the intent of solving some kind of problem your organization is experiencing. Therefore, as your business should be using technology to move forward and make progress toward your goals; any technology you implement that does not move your business forward can be seen as an impediment to its success.

To figure out how technology can best serve your purposes, you must first determine what resources are at your disposal. Ask yourself what you want the technology to do for you. What is its purpose? What problem are you trying to solve? Knowing is the first step toward using it in a meaningful way. Unfortunately, getting to the root of this question is often easier said than done.

Consider two similar companies that are trying to increase the accessibility of their networking resources for remote employees. While they might try to use the cloud to make this happen, they might have very different needs for their cloud solutions.

In the aforementioned scenario, the resources which currently exist will play an important part in how the cloud is implemented. Can the in-house infrastructure accommodate a cloud server? How long will it take to deploy a cloud solution, let alone acquire the technical expertise needed to deploy, manage, and maintain it? If the company doesn’t have the resources available, they might choose to outsource the cloud management to a provider. This removes the responsibility from the business and makes for a solution that is easier to manage.

In both scenarios above, the companies are using their current resources and the problems they want to solve to work toward implementing their new technology solution. However, the type of solution drastically varies depending on the availability of those pre-existing resources. This is why it’s so important to know what you need, as well as how you need to do it. Once you can answer both of these questions, you’ll have a much greater chance of succeeding.

Digital Sky Solutions knows that your business might need help with implementing new technology solutions, and we understand how to best assist organizations like yours with implementation strategies. We can start by going over your network with a comprehensive audit to get a solid understanding of what your organization needs to succeed. To learn more, reach out to us at (250) 483-5623.

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