Digital Sky is Here to Lend a Hand to IT Departments

Posted: May 4, 2021

Often, internal IT departments within an organization look at external IT companies as a threat. They see these managed IT companies come in and completely take over to the point where the business doesn’t need to keep their internal IT department on the payroll.

We’ve seen that too, and one of the challenges we try to face head-on with every relationship is that we’re not like those other IT companies. We’re not looking to replace your IT positions. Let’s dive into this a little deeper.

We Totally Understand the Concern IT Department Staff and Managers Have When it Comes to Outsourced IT

Once a decision-maker starts to consider hiring an outside IT company to come in, the IT staff are already expecting the worst:

“Someone else is going to come in and mess with our network?”

“Someone else is going to show up with a different way of doing things and convince the owner that we were wrong?”

“I guess it’s time to update my resume!”

While some IT companies try to convince business owners and decision-makers that they can save a lot of money by ditching their internal IT staff and relying fully on a third party to keep everything running, we don’t work that way.

In fact, we’re not out to stop you from doing what you’re good at. We’re not out to take your job or your work away from you.

We’re here to help you.

Digital Sky Wants to Do the Work You Don’t Want to Touch

Have you ever back-burnered an IT project because you’ve already got so much on your plate, and you know that dedicating yourself to something huge like a major server migration is going to put you behind on everything else that you are supposed to be doing?

That’s not uncommon.

Let’s take a look at a real-world example:

Let’s say most users in your company use a particular line of business application that only runs on legacy hardware, and your company is pushing to utilize the cloud. Maybe you’ve tried to deploy it on Azure and AWS with little luck, and you know it’s going to be a huge undertaking and time sink for you and your team to get it working properly.

You either need the time to focus on it, or an IT team member who has the specific skills for making legacy software run smoothly in the cloud.

But you don’t really need a long-term hire—you need someone to handle this singular complex project.

We’ve seen scenarios like this, where the company has burned thousands of dollars paying for computing resources at Amazon and get nowhere with it. That budget could have been put towards new workstations and laptops, new software, bonuses, you name it. Instead, it went to AWS while the IT department dealt with the nightmare of trying to fit a round peg into a square hole.

We have staff that are really talented at making software work—that’s their main forte. We were able to put one person on it, and they were able to get the entire platform migrated in a few days. We took it off the IT department’s plate, handled the task, documented everything, and spent time with the IT department so they could continue to support it. By the time we were all done, that department had new knowledge and were fully capable of troubleshooting any issue that happened in the new cloud environment.

Digital Sky’s IT Staff Can Do the Work You Aren’t Qualified For

Let’s say your business needs to comply with industry-specific compliance requirements, and nobody on your team is certified or qualified. Deadlines come fast, and getting the training and certification might be pretty important to you, but might take more time than you have available.

We have a lot of experience with a wide variety of compliance regulations. For example, if you need to meet ISO 27001 PCI DSS or need to prove that you’ve been pentested, we can come in and handle that for you. We’ll help you meet compliance and uplift the entire IT staff to understand how to remain compliant.

Everything we do is always documented, and we always treat every situation like an enterprise company, which means it’s all about uplifting the people involved and making sure everyone is on board. When we’re working with you, we consider ourselves as a part of your team.

This leads to your organization being better protected, your security improved, your systems running smoother, and you can finally focus on the tasks you were hired for. We’ve never left a job where the internal staff didn’t feel 100 percent confident that they could support the solution long after we were gone, and that’s a huge priority for us.

We’re On Your Side, Let’s Work Together

If you are still hesitant about working with a third-party IT firm, we understand, but we promise we’re not out to eat your lunch. Give us a call at (250) 483-5623 and tell us about that complex IT challenge that you just can’t get to, and let’s see how we can help.

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