Data Backup is Extremely Important. Here is Why

Posted: March 14, 2022

How often do you think about your business’ future? If you are a good business owner, chances are your hopes and aspirations for the future are informing your current business practices, but if not, we have news for you. Even something as simple as a hardware failure can be enough to derail operations bad enough that you may not be able to recover—especially if you are unprepared for the data loss that could ensue.

We’re not just being dramatic. This happens all the time—a business gets too caught up in the day-to-day operations to think about what could happen in a worst-case scenario, and it impacts their ability to recover from such scenarios when they do strike.

Data backup and disaster recovery is a major pain point for businesses, as they often depend on their data to remain operational. Data fuels your business and provides your company with the information it needs to stay successful, including client contact information, various metrics you use to track profitability, files your business depends on to stay functional, the list could go on forever. If any of this is lost, how can you expect to get back into business?

Disaster recovery is also incredibly important. Let’s say you are struck by a devastating hacking attack or a natural disaster, either of which could ravage your computing infrastructure for days on end. Would your organization be able to survive such a loss of operations and profits? This kind of downtime can be devastating, which is why companies go to such lengths to stop it from happening in the first place. Having a disaster recovery plan in place that takes data backup, operations, workforce longevity, and alternative working accommodations into account can make all the difference when suffering from a disaster of any kind—artificial or natural.

We recommend that your organization implement a cloud-based data backup and disaster recovery tool that takes periodic snapshots of your business’ infrastructure. This accomplishes two things:

  • Backups can be taken throughout the workday rather than only once at the end of the day.
  • Your backups will be accessible at a moment’s notice, something which is incredibly valuable when recovering from a disaster. 

Time is of the essence, and when your business is reeling from a disaster, you don’t necessarily have the luxury of deciding how and when to restore your data. It’s best to just have it in the cloud and ready to restore as soon as possible.

If your business isn’t taking data backup and disaster recovery seriously, then you need to start now before it’s too late to do anything about it. Digital Sky Solutions can walk you through your options and how you can best leverage this great tool to your advantage. To learn more about data backup and disaster recovery, or any business technology solution, be sure to reach out to us at (250) 483-5623.

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