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The Main Differences Between Hollywood Hackers and the Real Deal
April 15, 2022

Technology drives almost everything in modern society, so it’s not a surprise to see hackers being represented in the entertainment...

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Changes to Healthcare Technology Improving Care and Data Privacy
April 11, 2022

For years you’ve heard how technology is becoming a bigger part of the healthcare delivery system and how it can...

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What a Global Internet Outage Tells About the Cloud and Your Business
July 5, 2021

The week of June 14th, 2021 saw many applications and websites suffer from outages. This, consequently, created considerable problems for...

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Considering the Status of Net Neutrality in 2021
January 15, 2021

It has been made very clear over the past few years—last week in particular—that the political atmosphere in the United...

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IT Hard: A Reimagined Christmas Story
December 25, 2020

During this time of year, many people like to sit back and reminisce upon favorite stories from the past. We...

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Some Handy Tech Ideas for Your Gift Giving
December 18, 2020

With one of the most stressful years in recent memory coming to an end, it seems important to make the...

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Technology to Target as the Holidays Approach
November 23, 2020

Most people like new technology, whether it is a lamp shaped like the moon, a new video game console, or...

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Trying to Secure Our Votes, Online
September 7, 2020

The 2020 election is months away and traces of it can be seen everywhere. As people quarrel about how social...

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No, Apple and Google Are Not Tracking Whether or Not You Have COVID-19
August 17, 2020

Two of the largest technology companies in the world are working with local governments to help slow the spread of...

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The Equifax Situation Can Teach You Why Network Security Is Important
May 18, 2020

About two and a half years ago, the financial services company Equifax was forced to admit that over 145 million...

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