3 Reasons Why Retail Needs to Consider Cybersecurity

Posted: December 16, 2021

If you hear the word “cybersecurity” and automatically start thinking of an office with rows and rows of computers that need protection, you aren’t alone. However, it is important that we recognize that not all industries work this way, but they all need to pay attention to cybersecurity. This is even the case in industries like retail, where most of the workforce isn’t seated at a workstation all day.

In actuality, retail relies on computers for quite a few necessary functions, from the point of sale systems that allow transactions to take place, the inventory management systems that ensure the store is properly stocked, human resources that make sure the store is staffed properly, to the modern security systems that protect a retailer’s store.

This all combines into an environment that can work much more efficiently, but will require a comprehensive approach to cybersecurity. Let’s consider a few reasons why this is the case.

Reason One: You Need to Protect Your Customer Information

Data breaches are no laughing matter, particularly when you consider that three of the largest breaches this year struck different retail operations: mobile service provider T-Mobile, fashion retailer Guess, and automotive manufacturer Volkswagen. What’s worse, these data breaches typically result in stolen data; something that directly impacts retail customers, as that data could very well be their financial information in the form of payment details.

Considering how front-facing the retail industry is, preventing these kinds of breaches will require a combination of improved data security measures and comprehensive staff training at all levels.

Reason Two: You Need to Preserve Business Functionality

Retail is also particularly vulnerable to business shutdown. After all, if the Point-of-Sale (POS) system is down, there’s really not much that can be done, bringing a retailer to a screeching halt. Downtime can be lethal to retail, because any downtime guarantees the loss of sales and hurts retention.

Defending your POS systems and business network with up-to-date cybersecurity solutions is effectively required for successful operations nowadays, along with only giving out access permissions as needed and securing your assets behind strong authentication requirements.

Reason Three: Your Computers Control More Than You Think

Every day, more things are controlled to some degree by computerized systems. This is why it is critical that your organization understands the Internet of Things, and how it interacts with your business. It’s effectively guaranteed that even the smallest retail establishment uses at least one. There are modern POS systems, along with access controls, security systems, and business management software. Inventory management probably also involves a computer to at least some degree.

The point is, a member of the retail industry needs to do everything possible to ensure that these systems and solutions are A: available, and B: operational. Protecting them from external (or even misplaced internal) influence is a major part of this. Accomplishing as much will require the defenses that modern cybersecurity supplies through access control and security camera systems. In fact, the main benefit of co-managed IT is that it brings a new level of cybersecurity expertise to your business.

We Can Help You Ensure Your Retail Storefront is Cybersecure

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